American movie 'The Hunger Games' has become a blockbuster hit, earning $155 million on its opening weekend. Its worldwide sales reached a total of $214 million. To cash the fame of the movie, the companies are producing merchandize and apparel supporting the movie.

As the movie becomes more popular day-by-day,  everything from pillowcases to laptop decals to T-shirts supporting District 12’s heroes are being sold. The training shirt sells for $59.99 and the cost arena jacket is worth $149.99 on 'Hunger Games' themed watches,  the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection, and the Mockingjay pin worn by Katniss in the arena are also in demand.

The game is now available for free on app store. The game has a section where you can buy tickets, watch the trailer and become a citizen before going to see the movie. Few gyms in Philadelphia and New York have created a workout routine, which involves a series of character-driven exercises.

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Original Source: Hunger Games
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