NEW YORK, March 1 ( - Sunpeaks Ventures has announced the completion of the acquisition of the value-added marketer of scarcely found specialized drugs, Healthcare Distribution Specialists LLC (HDS). Besides the drug marketing attribute, HDS also owns and markets Clotamin, a specialized over-the-counter multivitamin designed exclusively for patients and Warfarin, a popular blood thinner.

Sunpeaks is very excited by this acquisition and marks its advent in the hard-to-find and specialty drug distribution sector. It expects to gain considerable market by growing awareness of Clotamin and expanding its role as procurement expediter and special purchasing agent.

Apart from the acquisition of HDS, Sunpeaks also announced its association with Anslow & Jaclin, amongst the top ten law firms according to "The PIPEs Report", as its lead legal counsel to advise and counsel on new and sophisticated corporate and securities transactions, self-filings, reverse mergers, PIPEs, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions news .
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